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March 14, 2021 naotoryc No Comments

Why You Need a GPS Car Tracker

Finding a stolen vehicle is a very difficult task for law enforcement due to its complex road network and population density. GPS car tracker allows you to locate your vehicle using your smartphone. It helps you determine exactly where your car is. You can also get the direction, distance and even speed along the route the car was traveling. This makes it much easier for law enforcement officers to track down stolen vehicles, catch criminals faster, and consume less resources in the course of investigations.


Our GPS car tracker also has the ability to quickly locate your vehicle if it is stolen. One of them is Remote Demobilize. Remote demobilize allows you to lock or unlock your car ignition from your mobile phone. This function sends a signal from your smartphone to your vehicle’s ignition system. When a car thief tries to start the vehicle, the vehicle’s ignition system receives a signal and will not start until the lock is disabled via mobile phone or removed from the vehicle’s ignition. This mechanism is built into his GPS car tracker and is very useful in places like Lagos and all over Nigeria. It is more difficult to find a stolen car that has been driven for hours than a car that has been demobilized minutes after being stolen.

Even if you have a GPS tracker in your car, you should call your local police if your car goes missing. Police can help you with how to file a report, what forms are required, and whether there is a fee. Also, if you have valid insurance, contact your car insurance company to file a claim.

If you need to buy and install a GPS car tracker, please feel free to contact us.

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